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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Reporting COVID-19 news, calling for calm is a balancing act

This week’s front page is not meant to cause concern. It’s not meant to foment fear and panic. It’s meant to inform.

A most wonderful time, a most wonderful place

Thanksgiving week was absolutely packed with cooking and other “getting ready” chores, but we so enjoyed the...

The flight of common sense

As someone who has for the most part stopped watching most network news, I am constantly amazed at its downfall. One only...

It’s 1980: We’ve got a new decade

I'M SCARED a little. The big things in my life have nearly all seemed to take place...

The days of great upheaval

As we say goodbye to another year and another decade, I can't help but look back with awe at how God has...

Electric cars running on on our roadways present many questions

Electric cars. The idea of such blows my mind. I wonder if those who had lamps and...

Ma Hughes’ ‘parasol’ lead to lifetime fascination

I have always had a fascination with umbrellas, and I know why. My maternal grandmother (Ma Hughes) never left home without one....

When in doubt, just apply the Golden Rule

There is nothing that can be said about friendship that hasn’t been said a million times over. Therefore, the words I write...

This season has been one blessing on top of another

We might have been dreaming of a white Christmas but those dreams went unfulfilled. Instead of a snowy holiday, it was so...

Letter to the editor: From the Heart

Recent comments made by Bradley Byrne, a Republican running for the Alabama Senate, and others made by a regular columnist to The...



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