Heavy ice, snow causes significant structure damage throughout region


Updated Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021 with additional photos.

Additional snow and freezing rain that fell Wednesday on top of an already thick icepack on the region has led to several structure failures throughout Northwest Alabama and Northeast Mississippi. Among the worst local damage reported to The News was the softball building at Red Bay High School, which collapsed under the weight.

Other damage began showing up Thursday. The canopy over the gas island at the Citgo station between Red Bay and Halltown collapsed, as did a metal shed roof beside M&S Motors in Red Bay. The awning at the front of the Tax & Tag office on Main Street also collapsed.

Across the region multiple gas station canopies were reported to have collapsed, including in Cherokee, the Shoals, Baldwyn, Miss., and Tupelo. The marina at Bay Springs Lake also collapsed on Wednesday. While no one was reported injured or trapped, several boats were caught under the damage with some sinking.

Below is some of the damage reported in to The News. If you have photos of damage around your property, feel free to submit those to The News by email at rbaynews@gmail.com. Please do not put yourself or others at risk to get photos, though, and if you submit photos taken by someone else, please make sure you have their permission to submit them as we want to give proper credit with each photo.

Softball building at Red Bay High School. Submitted by Shanna Ozbirn.
Damage to the softball building at Red Bay High School.
Island canopy collapse at Citgo on Hwy. 24 east of Red Bay. Submitted by Vicki Burgett.
Canopy ripped from the front of the Tax and Tag office in Red Bay. Submitted by Shanna Ozbirn.
Shed collapse at M&S Motors in Red Bay. Submitted by Shanna Ozbirn.
Marina at Bay Springs Lake. Photo via John Robinson/Facebook
Wood family barns on Hwy. 25 south of Belmont. Submitted by Regina Sparks
Building at TMI in Belmont. Submitted by Regina Sparks.