Red Bay Angel Tree still has dozens of names with a week left

One of many ornaments still on the Red Bay Angel Tree inside Piggly Wiggly in Red Bay. Dozens of names were still waiting to be picked up with only a week remaining before gifts are due back at the store. News photo/Jason Collum

Red Bay’s Angel Tree still has plenty of names remaining on it but not a lot of time left to get the gifts for those children.

Piggly Wiggly manager Jason Vinson, at whose store the tree is located, said the tree started out with around 130 names. Since then, more than 50 have been selected, but as of Monday there were still 85 boys’ and girls’ names remaining on the tree.

Those wanting to purchase gifts for a child on the tree are urged to do so quickly as Vinson said gifts need to be brought back to the store by Wednesday, December 9. The plan is to begin handing out gifts on December 14.