Tuberville brings Senate campaign to Red Bay

The former Auburn football coach looks to unseat Senator Doug Jones.

Alabama Republican candidate for Senate, Tommy Tuberville, speaks to a crowd of about 40 people gathered inside Hotel Red Bay on Wednesday, Sept. 30. News photo/Jason Collum

RED BAY | Republican Senatorial candidate Tommy Tuberville made a campaign stop in Red Bay on Wednesday, Sept. 30, and spoke to a crowd of about 40 people gathered inside Hotel Red Bay for the visit.

Tuberville touched on a broad number of subjects during the visit, from the state of the nation in the COVID-19 pandemic to the need for increased educational efforts in Alabama, especially in workforce training. He touted President Donald Trump’s handling of the economy and has campaigned on being a champion for President Trump’s agenda. He said efforts by some left-wing activists and Democratic Party leaders to move America toward a more socialist-style government need to be turned back.

“We got a great country, but we’ve got a tidal wave that’s going over this country that’s got to be stopped,” Tuberville said. “We’ve got an inside attack that’s trying to change our government, the way we do things. (Our government is) just fine a way it is. We know that we have problems. We know we’re not perfect, but we’re good enough to understand those problems and answer those problems. The things that the left is trying to get us to do – and they make it sound great and all that – but it’s exactly what my dad was fighting against (in World War II) and we’ve got to fight like they did. Fight fair, but just really understand where they want to take this country.”

He said he has been asked around the state what makes him think he is qualified to become Alabama’s junior senator. Tuberville said his life experience, from growing up as a “military brat,” as he put it, to having jobs and working in coaching football have prepared him to fight for Alabama in the Senate.

“People ask me, ‘Coach, why are you doing this? You don’t need to do it. You made good money. You can be playing golf or fishing.’ I want to give back. My salary is going to the veterans of this state,” Tuberville said.

Tuberville is running to replace Democratic Senator Doug Jones in the Nov. 3 general election.

“First of all, I’ve had a job – most of those folks never had a real job,” Tuberville said. “We’ve got too many people in Washington, D.C. that go up there to make a living and be part of the club, Democrats and Republicans. They push their power around and do not speak for the people of this country. You’re looking at one who is getting ready to. I’m going for the right reasons and I’m going up there to try to make a difference.”

Tuberville said education is one of the key areas that need focusing on. 

“One of the main reasons I’m running is I know a lot about education. I’ve been in schools all over this country,” Tuberville said. “I’ve been in almost every one in this state. I’ve talked to teachers, counselors, principals and one area that we’re losing is we’re losing in is education. We’ve gotten away from our fundamentals. I was a football coach I talk blocking and tackling, and you have to do that. If you don’t have fundamentals you’re going to lose. same thing with the community or your state or the country. We have started losing our fundamentals about this country. We’ve gotten away from teaching world history, American history, state history, civics, government. How did we get here? A lot of these kids don’t know because they haven’t been taught. They have not been taught the fundamentals of this country and how this country was built and why we’re here and why we’re so strong, why capitalism is so good so much better than socialism. One of my main goals is to get up there and kind of explain that to people that’s gotten away from small towns like this and big cities in the elementary schools and high schools. Hey, if we don’t get back to this, we’re going to lose it because our kids aren’t going to know where they came from. We’ve already got to that point; we’ve got several generations in this country now that don’t know about this country. They were never taught. So, I just want us to get back to fundamentals.”

Tuberville also took a moment to list the fundamentals of his political ideology in case anyone wasn’t aware.

“I’m for guns and our second amendment. I’m against abortion. I’m for religious freedom – don’t tell me where to go to church and when I can’t go to church,” Tuberville said. “We got to get God back in our schools, folks. We have got to get conservative Christian judges. We’ve got one that we’re fixing to put in (Supreme Court justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett), hopefully by the election here in three or four weeks, we’ve got to get her in. And we’re going to re-elect Donald J. Trump. We’re going to get him back in office.”