The God Factor


As we observe all of the craziness that has come to optimize the year 2020, one can’t help but wonder if things could possibly get any crazier! These are certainly strange, historical times that no one was even remotely prepared for.

On my way to church recently, my wife and I were having a conversation about this very subject. She asked the question, “Did you ever think back in March when all of this pandemic madness began that we would still be social distancing and wearing masks all the way into early Fall? My answer was probably what anyone would have said. I said, “No one, I mean no one saw any of this coming!”

With so many variables and unknown scenarios sure to happen in the next few days and weeks, I felt it very necessary to address some of the ways that people are responding and even coping with the chaos. Some are handling it pretty well, but many are not handling it well at all. It is a safe statement to say that many people’s stress levels are through the roof. 

For most of us who were privileged to be able to continue to work without interruption, it means that we have had to wear masks or even gloves just to do the things that we need to do. For educators, it means having to completely change the way they teach. Their daily challenge of dealing with students, parents and all that entails has been multiplied numerous times as some of their students are in the classroom, and some are not.

In the medical field, the thermometer has become the tool of choice as people who simply want to go see their family doctor must have their temperatures taken. In many facilities, numerous questions are also being asked before any interaction is allowed with their residents. 

Retail and manufacturing in some cases came to a screeching halt, with many owning small businesses finding that they couldn’t survive with the draconian measures forced upon them by their respective State governments. Billions of dollars have been lost just in this state because of the fear and forced closings of many entities. To say how disparaging this is to business owners and factory workers would be an understatement; it is downright depressing and grossly unfair. Many of them were forced to close, while the big chain stores were allowed to stay open. These unfair tactics forced many to close their hard earned businesses after many years of serving their respective communities. It is estimated that as many as 60 percent of small businesses will close permanently. And the end is not yet in sight!

While there is great debate as to whether this was intentional or a giant accident, either way the results have been devastating. And from all observations, it looks like some of these mandatory regulations have no end date in sight unless a vaccine is found and distributed very quickly among the masses. 

This so called “pandemic” has affected the upcoming general election in an unprecedented way. While some think that the best way to remedy the situation is to have mail-in voting, others see this as an opportunity for many to commit even further fraud than is already being committed. 

And if all of the chaos and division over this Presidential election weren’t enough, there will now be a fight to place a very qualified woman on the Supreme Court to fill the seat of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Many who are supposed to be professional and objective have already said they won’t even speak with her and have seemingly already made up their minds. 

Add to all of this the violence being funded all over America by the likes of George Soros and others, and you can absolutely see why people are on edge and worried. But while these anarchists and those trying to undermine our precious country continue to try to escalate tensions here and abroad, they have made a huge error in judgment. They have absolutely no clue about “The God Factor.”

What is “The God Factor” you may ask? That is what happens when all Hell breaks loose, and there doesn’t seem to be any solution to any of the problems. That when God does His best work! 

The answer to all of this chaos, all of the deception, all of the murders that are occurring in the womb and on the streets will come to a screeching halt when we begin to practice a very important scripture in the Bible. That scripture is 2 Chronicles 7:14. I encourage you to read it and then do it! It will trump any chaos, any violence, and any evil that the enemy has instigated to try to destroy us. And he will be powerless to stop us, because we have “The God Factor!”

Garry Lovette is an author and counselor whose articles are seen in more than 135 countries of the world. To comment about his article, or to learn more about him, visit