Red Bay’s Spring Clean-Up delayed due to COVID-19


Red Bay residents planning to take household items to the curb for the city’s annual Spring Clean-Up will have to wait a couple of weeks. Mayor Charlene Fancher announced Wednesday that the dates for this year’s clean-up week has been changed to May 4-8 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

During that week the city sanitation department will pick up ONE FREE load of non-food garbage/trash on the customer’s regularly scheduled garbage day. Appliances, paint, and electronics MUST be in separate piles or they will not be picked up. The one free load of garbage/trash will be picked up by a separate truck other than the regular garbage truck. This free pick up week does not include yard debris such as trees, brush, and leaves.

So, while you’re home and you don’t have much else to do, go ahead and be gathering those items for the clean-up, but just know you’ll have to hold on to the items a little longer than originally planned.

If you have any questions, contact Red Bay City Hall at 256-356-4473.