City to allow sanitation workers to begin working from home


As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to shut down lobbies and access to customer traffic, many people have found themselves working remotely from home.

Now, Red Bay’s sanitation workers are being added to the list of those who will be telecommuting to work. Mayor Charlene Fancher announced Tuesday that the measure was being taken to protect the health and safety of those who ride in and on the city’s garbage trucks.

“While we’ve not quite worked out all of the logistics on how this is going to work, we believe it is for the best for the sanitation workers to be allowed to work from home,” Fancher said.

The policy will be put into place beginning April 1, and area residents will soon be supplied an email address or phone number to where they can send photos of their loaded trash cans. Those photos will then be safely downloaded by the sanitation workers and deleted on their computers. Residents will be asked to sort their trash into the following categories for photographing: Household waste and recyclables. Sanitation workers will be able to delete the household waste but move the recyclables into the “Recycle” bin on Windows computers in order to remain environmentally friendly during the crisis.

The photos of your trash will be collected in a digitally secure manner so as to prevent hackers from stealing your trash, and no photos of trash will be stored in “the cloud,” either, out of concerns this could contribute to climate change.

This, by the way, isn’t true. April Fools! Just something to make you smile a little during this time in our nation’s history. Be safe out there, folks. Remember, shop local when you can; our small businesses need the help now more than ever. Maintain social distancing when you are out and about, and be sure to wash your hands well with soap and water. And fill out your Census form and submit it or complete it online at

Be sure to put your trash out on your normal collection schedule. Red Bay’s sanitation team will continue to work as it always has.