Miller seeking re-election as District 2 Commissioner


Paid political announcement

Jason Miller

Russellville resident Jason Miller, the current Franklin County Commissioner for District 2, is announcing his intention to seek re-election in the March 3 primary election. 

Miller, who is currently serving out his first term as a commissioner, said it has been an eye-opening experience to represent the citizens of District 2, and it’s a job he hasn’t taken lightly. 

“This was my first time stepping into politics, and as I near the end of this term, I can say that I have truly enjoyed being part of the county commission and working for the good of all Franklin County citizens, especially those in my district,” Miller said. 

“The decisions we make and the situations we face aren’t always easy or black and white, but I can honestly say that with any issue or vote that has come up, I’ve done my best to vote in a way that would be the most beneficial to our citizens. 

“As a lifelong resident, Franklin County is home for me and for my family, and I really do care about what happens here. For me, being a commissioner is so much more than just politics. It’s a way for me to have an active role in making this a better place to live and work. With three children who are growing up here, the betterment of our community is something I’m personally invested in.”

Miller said he has been particularly proud of the county’s unemployment rate this past term since that was something he was interested in seeing improve during his last campaign. 

“Franklin County has the lowest unemployment rate in Northwest Alabama at 2.3 percent,” he said. “That is something we can all be proud of. The commission has worked hard to form good relationships with our existing businesses and industries and to also bring other businesses and jobs to the area. For Franklin County to flourish, we’ve got to have good jobs for our citizens. That’s something I plan to continue working on if re-elected.”

Miller said he was also proud of the work completed in the Oak Hills subdivision that he pushed for since it’s part of his district. 

“There were several things that needed to be addressed in this area, including the roads and flooding issues,” he said. “We were able to get the roads resurfaced and rectify the flooding issues residents were experiencing during periods of heavy rain.

“It was great to get those problems fixed, among others that were handled during this past term. I know there’s lots more work to be done in District 2, and I am more than ready to tackle those issues if re-elected.”

Despite being a business owner and having a family, Miller said he has tried to make himself available to his constituents and take any concerns he received seriously. 

“Obviously as a commission we can’t address every single problem or issue that we hear about, but I’ve done my best to represent my district’s needs and to truly listen to anyone with a concern. Every voice matters, and I certainly believe that. Every decision I’ve made I’ve had our citizens in mind.”

Miller is also currently representing the Franklin County Commission on the Franklin County Complete Count Committee for the 2020 Census.

“The work this committee is doing and will be doing is so important because getting an accurate count of our population is crucial to the funding we receive from the state as well as our federal government,” Miller said. “These numbers and the funding these numbers amount to will affect our citizens for the next decade. I take that very seriously, and I’m working hard to help ensure our population count here in Franklin County is as accurate as possible so we get the funding we need.” 

Jason has been married to his wife, Belinda, for seven years, and they have three children: Hunter, Jaxon, and Elizabeth. They attend Friendship Missionary Baptist Church and are involved in other activities in the community. 

“I am excited about what the future holds for Franklin County, and I want to continue to work for our citizens as the Commissioner for District 2,” he said. “I would very much appreciate your vote and support in the upcoming primary election.”