Letter to the editor: From the Heart


Recent comments made by Bradley Byrne, a Republican running for the Alabama Senate, and others made by a regular columnist to The Red Bay News, are very disturbing. As reported by Yellowhammer News, Byrne says that Democrats “do not believe in God” and “they want to take God out of our lives. They are coming for you. And your little dog.” The columnist called Democrats “Evil Doers” and tries to twist history to accuse Democrats (“evil people”) of standing in the way of freedom and justice. Wow! Citizens & Christians pay attention to these remarks teeming with hypocrisy.

I am a Born Again, God-Fearing, Christian who chooses to be a Democrat. My parents raised me to help others; whether it was my dad helping neighbors fix their appliances, cars, etc., when we were supposed to be fishing, or my mom when she was bringing numerous youth to church or helping others in need, such as the aged, children, or those suffering a loss.  I am pro-life as are all of my family.  Obviously, I do not agree with the National Democratic Party on everything. I am now a senior citizen and I do not know of any person in my personal life that has had an abortion.   Yet, I know of many people in need that cannot afford their medications necessary to continue their way of life or insurance for their family.  I do not believe that any person who is vulgar, lies continuously, gropes women, calls people S.O.B.’s, makes fun of handicapped people, puts down Gold Star parents, prefers Heroes “who were not captured” and treats children in ways that would put any parent in jail for such actions, is worthy of our respect.

Also, I choose to worship at a Methodist Church, follow Alabama Football, drive Ford Trucks, hunt deer (preferably with dogs), and cherish my guns, a lot. But, I do believe in background checks and not allowing mentally challenged persons to own guns, because I love all of the students and staff for which I have felt responsible in my 38 years in education.  Nor do I want my grandchildren scared to go to school or church because of fear they might be shot.  And, I do not need a 30-round clip to hunt deer or protect my home.  My .30-06 rifle or my double-barreled shotgun or my ‘Judge’ pistol will do just fine for that.  So, don’t judge me and call me ugly names because I believe in mostly Democratic Principles, or because I go to a Methodist Church, or support Alabama Football, or drive Ford Trucks, or love to hunt deer, or want to help others in need.  These are my rights just as you have the right to believe otherwise.  Calling me an “evil doer” or saying that I do not believe in God is just wrong and “downright hateful!”

It is imperative that we find a way to unite our country.  We need to do this individually, one by one, by reducing our hate and dislike for those who believe differently from us.  Patience, Virtue, Faith, Hope, and Charity are needed.

1 John 4:1 – BELOVED, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. KJV


Eddie Britton

Chairman, Franklin County Democratic Party