The precious gift of life


As we write the column for this week, time has us quickly approaching another election to decide who will represent us and speak for us. This election will have us choosing a Senator, U.S. Representatives, and who will be President for four more years. 

As in any election, these decisions must not be taken lightly. Every citizen that is old enough and able enough to vote should make every effort to do so. Monumental decisions have been made because enough people took that sacred privilege seriously. 

In this election, we see two completely different ideologies at odds with each other. On one side, there are those who want the government to have less and less authority over our lives. On the other side are those that think the government should have more and more control. On one side you have those who think it is okay to murder an innocent baby not only in the womb, but outside the womb if it somehow survives their murderous attempts at aborting it. On the other side you have those that believe all life is sacred and to be preserved, in and out of the womb. As I’ve done previously and will always do, I plead with you to choose the precious gift of life!

All of us were given the chance to be born and to live a life to the fullest. We should give every child the opportunity to do the same. We are not better or no less than they are. We are all equal in the eyes of God!

In my family, I have seen the horrific effects that aborting a baby had on the mother. Not only did it scar the mother for life physically and emotionally, but those scars and that guilt, was placed upon the rest of her family. (I can tell you that the outcome of that was not good at all!) This particular case would have fallen under the classification of “rape or incest”. So, for those who say they are against abortion except in the case of rape or incest, I have a problem, a real problem with that. 

Getting back to the election, we have on the ballot those who will try to straddle the fence on this subject. And I will say without reservation that there is NO middle ground on this subject. Either you are for death, or you are for life! It’s really that plain and simple!

As I observe the national sentiment on abortion, I am greatly encouraged that the youth, especially millennials, are realizing that abortion has and will always be wrong. They are beginning to see that many of their voices have been silenced for the sake of convenience. To be honest, they see themselves than more than a blob of tissue or a fetus. They see themselves as a human being with the right to life. 

This mindset is finally beginning to become prevalent in the African American community. They are finally realizing that Planned Parenthood wanted to stop them from becoming a vibrant force in our society. They wanted to greatly or completely stop their numbers from growing in a final effort to snuff out those precious lives, all because of the color of their skin. 

So, when I see a party or a candidate say that we should fund Planned Parenthood or fund any kind of abortion, I have to wonder where their heart and soul is. It certainly isn’t for the very people that they have depended on for decades to vote for them. 

Life is precious. Life is a gift from God. The enemy of our souls and the enemy of this world would like nothing better than to take away this precious gift from us. 

As of this writing, this country has allowed at least 61 million innocent lives to be snuffed out. These babies never had the chance to make a difference in this world. Their rights were taken away under the guise of “choice.” These young men and women could have been the next Dr. Martin Luther King, the next Jonas Salk, the next Neil Armstrong, or the next Billy Graham! 

So when you go to the voting booth this time (as I hope everyone will), CHOOSE LIFE! Choose those candidates that aren’t afraid to speak up for life, from conception to death! Choose candidates that only have the best interest of their constituents at heart, and that are not self-serving. (God knows we’ve had enough of those kinds of politicians!) And for the love of God, don’t vote for a candidates Party just because Momma or Daddy did!

I encourage everyone to vote. That is a God-given right that the precious blood of our soldiers was spilled for us to cherish. But before you go to the voting booth, say a prayer and ask God for divine guidance, and then vote for righteousness – VOTE LIFE!

Garry Lovette is an author and counselor whose articles are seen in more than 135 countries of the world. To comment about his article, or to learn more about him, visit