2020: A year of vision, opportunity


Every year about this time, I am privileged to get to speak to thousands of people whether it be in person, via newspaper, or via social media. As a person of faith, I truly enjoy encouraging others and to look ahead to what could be in store for us in the coming year. 

Without reservation, I can truly say that I am more hopeful and optimistic about this upcoming year and decade than I have been in my entire life! What I’m seeing transpire and what I see on the horizon gives me great hope and shows me and millions of others that God changes things when we pray!

While all the naysayers are predicting doom and gloom, I’m here to throw a cog in their wheel!  I can boldly say that we are presently in one of the greatest eras of economic growth in the last 70 years!

Here are some things that I believe we will see happen this year, and in the years coming up. Again, these are exciting times to be living in!

1. I believe that Donald J. Trump will be re-elected in one of the biggest landslides of the last 50 years. This is based on what’s happening with the nation’s economic growth, and what I am hearing in places like the “Rust Belt” of our nation and especially among the African-American community. (Seems they have had enough of being taken for granted with nothing in return. They are experiencing record employment!)

2. I believe that many in congress, who have occupied seats for decades and hold substantial power, will be voted out in the next election. (Don’t be surprised if not only does Pelosi lose the speakership, but she might lose her district. They are fed up with her as well!)

3. As more and more buyers look at electric cars, OPEC and some of the other oil-producing nations will suddenly see a great downturn in consumption. This great drop in money in their economies will open the door for revolt among their citizens. Don’t be surprised to hear about several coups in some of these countries. 

4. Several prominent lawmakers, attorneys, and other government officials will soon be required to testify before congress. What will be revealed will not only vindicate President Trump, but it will cause indictments to be handed down to those who thought they would never be caught. 

5. The Third Great Awakening has begun. If you don’t know what that means, I encourage you to research the first two Great Awakenings. Not only did they change our nation, but they changed the course of human history for centuries. We are on the cusp of the greatest revival that has ever hit Planet Earth. It will alter what we have always known as “church,” and will see millions become Christians. (Many of these will be rock stars, actors and actresses, politicians, and other famous celebrities. Kanye West will just be one of many who lead millions to Christ.

6. Truth in media will make a comeback. It has already begun and not a moment too soon! Many secular media outlets will fold or be forced to sell. (Good riddance!) 

I am more than excited that I get to witness what is taking place! What a great day to be alive! But all of this won’t happen unless we pray and ask God for His divine favor!

The Bible plainly speaks that “righteousness exalts a nation.” My prayer and your prayer right now needs to be, “God, please return righteousness to our nation!”

If you don’t believe that God is still in the miracle business, I want to remind you of the Presidential election of 2016. Against all odds, Donald J. Trump was elected with only a two-percent chance of success according to the secular media, and from research polls. It is also a miracle that he is speaking and promoting the things that he’s promoting.  (We all know that he hasn’t been the poster child for righteous living. On the contrary, he is known as a player and shrewd businessman. The miracle is that if God can use a person like Donald Trump, he can use anyone – including sinners like us!)

This is our time folks! If you’ve ever wanted to start a business or invest money or do that thing on your bucket list that you thought impossible, well now is the time to do it!

This would be a good time to pray for our nation. None of this will happen unless we ask for Divine guidance! We also need to pray for our leaders that they will listen to God and not to selfish men! If we will, then we will witness something in our nation and in our world that will leave us awestruck!

Garry Lovette is an author and counselor whose articles are seen in more than 135 countries of the world. To comment about his article, or to learn more about him, visit www.theawakened1.com