A society of misinformation


One needs only to turn on any news broadcast nowadays to be bombarded with a barrage of information. Sadly because of the day that we live in, most of it is either tweaked to fit a certain ideology or is a completely false narrative. 

To put it even more bluntly, many of the secular news media outlets have become very lethargic in their reporting of the actual news. The philosophy that most of them seem to have embraced lately is that if there is no dramatic headline or news happening on any given day, that they will create one. Most of the time it wasn’t newsworthy to start with, but because of their desire for ratings or to satisfy some department head’s push of their own agendas, the news has mostly become just a farce.

This modern debacle has even started spilling over into other parts of the news. Sports news and even the weather have begun to embrace this type of reporting. It wasn’t a good idea 30 years ago, and it sure isn’t a good idea now. 

It is a proven fact that those who have started pushing their false narratives and unsubstantiated claims have seen their ratings plummet. Some of them are just hanging on by a thread and are very close to having to go under or be sold to the highest bidder. Their bloated contracts with their sub-par anchors and reporters have put them in a precarious position. But because of their stinking pride and their unwillingness to actually report the truth, they would rather see their ship completely go down than to admit that they were wrong. (I predict the demise of at least 2 major news outlets in the next 3 years.)

The episodes of misinformation and the trickery go way beyond the ways that we used to get our news. Growing up, the best source of news was usually by listening to the evening news on one of the three major networks. Now you can have immediate news 24 hours a day. You can actually see the news as it is happening. Gone are the days that the news was reported accurately and without some kind of spin.

Those of us who are involved in some kind of social media are seeing firsthand what I am writing about. There are constant stories of major actors or singers who they are reporting that have died or are involved in some major scandal. The purpose of this story was never to tell the truth, but simply to get you to click on the story. Once you click on the story, you immediate open yourself up to a barrage of advertisers or hackers in some cases. We refer to those kinds of stories as “click bait.”

It is for the very reason that I’m write about that I have stopped watching any kind of news reporting on television. People that used to have integrity and would only report the actual facts and not news from “sources” have all seemed to disappear. It seems everyone’s integrity has just flown out the door. 

There are still a few who try to report the news as facts and don’t try to slant the news toward a certain political party, but they are few and far between. Americans want and deserve to be told the truth about what is actually going on, with no sugar coating and no spin or ideology. That kind of real reporting would be a breath of fresh air. 

If enough people would begin to cut off some of these news networks and refuse to listen to them anymore, then and only then would they think about changing their evil ways. The old saying, “money talks” holds very true when it comes to these entities. They cannot survive without the almighty dollar, and from what I’ve seen and researched, those dollars are shrinking more and more. (One major network has already started laying off people in mass numbers.)

And finally, I challenge any of you who represent the media in any way to be honest, truthful, and a person of integrity. And I’m praying that Godly people full of integrity and honesty will step up and begin to fill the rolls of major news organizations and begin to right the ship. 

We are all tired of the lies and deception, and the days of these once proud institutions are numbered – and that number is shrinking fast! People are finally beginning to wake up from their slumber that they seem to have been in for several years. They are requiring now for the truth to come out. If the major secular news media won’t change their ways, then I’m praying that others will rise up to take their place. I personally believe that has already begun! So, let it be!

Garry Lovette is an author and counselor whose articles are seen in more than 135 countries of the world. To comment about his article, or to learn more about him, visit www.theawakened1.com