The Sowers and the Reapers


I’m often given the opportunity to do group counseling, and occasionally have the privilege of doing one-on-one counseling. It is especially gratifying to me when those that I have poured myself into no longer need me. It makes me feel like I have helped in some way.

One of the first things that I have the group or individuals to do is a simple exercise. No I’m not talking about physical exercise, even though that wouldn’t be a bad idea. I’m talking about doing a task that will begin their healing process. That task is to exercise the law of “sowing and reaping.” 

Sowing and reaping is a Biblical concept that I have found over the years to be quite effective. As a means of getting the patients to move on from their present situation, I have them to do something that will be in honor of the person they have lost, or in honor of someone who they had great respect for. 

When I speak of the law of sowing and reaping, I am encouraging them to think about something that their loved one or special friend did in this life that he or she were passionate about. Maybe they volunteered at their church, or in a local hospital or nursing home. Maybe they helped the needy some of the year, or just on holidays. Whatever their honoree was passionate about; I would always encourage them to pick up the mantle and to continue their good works. Thus by sowing their love and compassion into the lives of others, they will reap love and compassion in greater measure then they ever gave out. It is Biblical concept that I have tried time and time again, and it has never once failed to work!

(In this concept, I encourage them that if they are sad and need some joy, then I encourage them to sow some joy. That is especially important around the holidays.) 

The concept of sowing and reaping doesn’t just work with money. (Many of us know how that works with money.) It works with anything that you want to sow. 

One of the best examples that I give is that if they have no money to give away, then I encourage them to give away something even better – their time. Time is the absolute most valuable thing that we have to share with others. If we took the time that we would spend in the service of others or encouraging others, and figured up how much it would come to per hour . . . well you get the picture. 

It is one of the most joyful and gratifying things to help others. It not only does a world of good in changing the lives of others, but it gives you a sense of purpose and meaning that maybe is lacking in your life.

One of the things that my family enjoys each year is to help with an annual Community Thanksgiving meal at our church. This year we were privileged to feed over one hundred individuals and to bless many others with groceries and even winter coats! What a thrill to know that we got to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who so desperately needed to know that someone loved them and cared about them!

I challenge you in whatever community you live in to purpose in your heart in this coming year that you are going to make a difference in as many lives as you possibly can. I challenge you to apply the law and concept of sowing and reaping in as many ways as you can find opportunity to. 

One of the best success stories of my sowing and reaping challenge was accomplished by a sweet lady who we will call “Cindy.” Cindy had lost her husband rather suddenly, and she was feeling such a sense of loss and lack of direction. She embraced the sowing and reaping challenge, and actually organized her own grief support group at her local church. Her sacrificial act in the service of others has given her life some real meaning she desperately needed. She has also been volunteering at a local Hospice, and she has been a blessing to so many people! (The last time I saw her, her tears had been turned into smiles! She no longer needs the grief support group, because she has received so much back from her sowing!)

This proven concept really does work folks. Maybe you’re reading this column, and you are in a deep depression because of the loss of a loved one, the loss of a relationship, or the loss of a job. Take heart, for there is a solution. First thing is to pray and to ask God for help. Secondly, purpose in your heart to enact the sowing and reaping challenge. You will thank me later!

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