Georgia woman charged in Tiffin Campground RV rampage

The front of Joseph and Kelly Mongiello’s Allegro Red after the incident Tuesday evening at the Tiffin Motorhomes Campground. Submitted photo.

The driver in Tuesday night’s melee where an RV was driven at high speed into a closed bay door at Tiffin Motorhomes Campground repair facility has now been charged.

Kelly Mongiello, 65, of Fortson, Ga., was taken into custody Friday by the Red Bay Police Department and charged with Criminal Mischief-First Degree. Bond was set at $10,000, which Mongiello posted that same day. In Alabama, Criminal Mischief-First Degree is a Class C felony, which is punishable by a prison sentence of at least one to 10 years and a fine of up to $15,000.

Kelly Mongiello

Witness reports state that Mongiello, upset over something, pulled her RV out of its stall at the campground with the awning out and while it was still connected to campground utilities. She proceeded to drive around, picking up speed until she slammed into the building. Her husband, Joseph Mongiello, was behind her in the couple’s Jeep. Conflicting statements said the Jeep struck the RV, but law enforcement said that was not the case. It is alleged both Mongiellos were intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Damage estimates from Tiffin Motorhomes representatives were not available on Friday. When Mongiello drove her RV, an Allegro RED model, into the closed bay door not only did she damage the building, but her RV slammed into a 2019 Allegro Phaeton that had just had its work orders completed that day and was to be returned to its owners the next morning. Both RVs received substantial damage from the collision. The impact was so severe to the Phaeton that the transmission was dropped to the ground. It is believed the Phaeton was a total loss, as could be the Mongiello’s RED.

Joseph Mongiello was arrested Tuesday evening at the scene and charged with public intoxication. He was released on Wednesday.

Kelly Mongiello was not charged until Friday after she was released from the hospital. The collision was so violent it trapped Mongiello in her RV, and she had to be extricated by firefighters and first responders.

No employees or other campground residents were injured. The case remains under investigation by the Red Bay Police Department.

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