Red Bay News to publish ‘Pages of our Past’

Readers are encouraged to submit dates or events for which they would like to see front pages included in the section.

The front page from July 11, 1974 is shown here. Examples in the upcoming special section will be published at or near their original size to allow readability of the stories they hold. RBN archives

What was in the headlines the week you or your children were born (after 1963)? You’ll soon get a chance to see.

The Red Bay News will be publishing a special summer section this year. Titled “Pages Of Our Past,” the section will feature various front pages from the past 55 years. The pages will be selected at random, with some emphasis being placed on newsier events from the community’s history during that time.

“One of the things we have in house that is just invaluable to the community is our bound volumes of papers,” Publisher Jason Collum said. “These books are treasure troves of our community’s history. We see this as being an opportunity to share images from the past and share these pages with our readers to help them relive memories of people and events they may have forgotten, but hold a special place in their heart.”

The pages will be reproduced at full size or near full size, depending up space available in the section.

Readers can get involved in the selection process, too. If there is an event or date for which you would like to see the front page, simply email that information to The News at Requests and recommendations must be received no later than Friday, July 19.

“We can’t promise we will include every front page that readers request, but we’ll do our best,” Collum said.

Area businesses are encouraged to take advantage of this reader interest this keepsake edition will generate.

“We will have ad space available on many of the pages throughout this section, and this is the kind of thing that people are going to hold onto and look at many times over,” Collum said. “This is an excellent opportunity to promote your local business and services to readers throughout the area.

For more information on the section or to reserve ad space, call Angel or Bridget at 256-356-2148, or email The deadline to reserve space is Friday, July 19.