Suspect blows through road work zone; later arrested in Itawamba County

Road crew workers had to jump and dive out of the way as the suspect, Charles Poores, ignored barriers in flight from Red Bay Police

Charles Coleman Poores

RED BAY | Road crew workers paving a portion of Golden Road had to jump and dive for safety when a suspect running from police blew through a work zone in Red Bay on Friday.

Previously facing felony warrants from Franklin and Itawamba County authorities, Charles Coleman Poores, 30, now faces additional charges after eluding police here, escaping into Mississippi and being on the run three days before being arrested Monday by officers with the Itawamba County Sheriff’s Department.

Five felony warrants were issued by Red Bay against Poores for attempted assault-first degree against each of the workers whose lives he put in danger. Other charges could be pending.

There were no serious injuries among the road crew members, but the situation could have rapidly become deadly as, according to police, Poores sped up and ignored warning barriers in his attempt to escape. He drove into Mississippi where he eventually abandoned his pickup on State Line Road and hit the woods. He followed a creek for a long way before search dogs lost his scent. 

Poores was arrested in Itawamba County on Monday after authorities there went to a house where he was located. They found him hiding in the attic of the residence.