The truth about global warming


For those of you who think I’ve lost my ever-loving mind even addressing this subject, make sure you read until the end of the column. My goal is to at least make you take pause and to think about the subject. 

We’ve all heard about global warming, especially over the last 30 years or so. We’ve had a plethora of “scientists” and others who have touted that unless we stop all the cows from pooping or get all our energy from wind turbines that pretty soon all of Florida and Louisiana will be part of the ocean, because the polar ice caps will melt so much. Then they say that the weather will become so violent that it will be almost impossible to live near the beach. 

While all of this could actually happen, it most likely will not. The reason why is a simple one. God isn’t standing off somewhere wringing His hands and wondering why man is destroying the planet with all of the pollution being belched into the atmosphere. There’s a really good chance that He knows exactly what’s going on, and in His great mercy may be allowing this to actually happen. 

There are over 7 billion people now on Planet Earth. As far as we know, that is the most people that have ever lived on this planet. That means there is the greatest need for fresh drinking water than there has ever been. How do we know that God didn’t see this coming and is allowing a little more of the polar ice caps to melt and to provide that water?

Personally, I do believe the climate has shifted. To me there are greater episodes of bizarre weather patterns than there used to be – or is the news just hyping it for ratings purposes?

There have always been periods of very warm weather and very cold weather in this country and worldwide. History books and weather records will prove that to be true. Bizarre weather patterns are nothing new, and one need only to go back about a century to see that I am correct. 

My grandmother always told a particular weather story from her childhood growing up about an hour north of Birmingham, Alabama. She told the story about her grandmother dying and them burying her on the 2nd day of June, circa 1924, with 2 inches of snow on the ground! Folks, it just barely snows two inches in January and February in Northern Alabama. It NEVER snows in June. It’s usually in the mid 90’s by then!

After doing a little research about weather patterns of that time, I found pictures of North Alabama during the year of 1924. The old folks called it “The Year without a summer”. The winter that year was especially harsh, and the Tennessee River froze over from bank to bank for three solid months. The ice was so thick that people were driving their cars across it!

There have also been mammoth hurricanes that have hit the United States for as far back as records have been kept. While we’ve all heard of Hurricanes Camille and Katrina, there have actually been worse. They just didn’t have the media in that day that thrived on sensationalism as we do today. 

So, there have always been weather extremes – that is a proven fact! But being realistic, there is certainly something different going on with the weather. (As of this writing where I live, there have been historic flooding, and spring came a month early.)

The best explanation for the shifting weather has received very little media attention. But it is the one that makes the most sense. 

Scientist interviewed the Inuit First Nations people of Northern Canada a couple of years ago, and discovered something quite remarkable. According to their calculations, and according to the local indigenous people, the Earth has shifted slightly on its axis. Many scientists believe that the shift is about 2/10 of one percent. (Being south of the Arctic Circle as most of us are, a slight shift would be almost completely unnoticed. But not so with the Inuit People.) When interviewing them, they pointed out where they lived that “the sun used to come up to the left of the mountain . . . now the sun comes up to the right of the mountain!” Being that close to the North Pole, they would be able to notice it more apparently. 

While I am no scientist nor an expert, this makes as much sense to me as cow gas being the cause for the end of the world! It does make you pause and think about it at least. 

I choose to believe that God is in control, and that He will show us how to work it all out. If we will listen!