The flight of common sense


As someone who has for the most part stopped watching most network news, I am constantly amazed at its downfall. One only needs to stop watching for a few days and then return to it to see what I mean. The airwaves are filled with negative, unproven, and sometimes outright made up news that has the appearance of legitimacy. But in reality, it has become scripted rhetoric to touch the emotions of the viewing audience. If the story isn’t “juicy” enough, they just make up a story with half-truths hoping that it will be enough to keep their viewers interested. 

Fortunately, many millions have caught on to their games, and are turning them off in droves. All of the major networks are now playing this game with their viewers. The once noble Fox News is beginning to more and more morph into being just like all the others. A full 90% of all newscasts is negative or is slanted to influence their viewers to think and to act a certain way. It didn’t used to be that way!

Years ago, you could turn on the Evening Newscast and get news with very little opinion added. Nowadays, you get mostly opinion with very little real news added. Networks are out for the almighty dollar, and their liberal advertisers insist that the news be slanted to their benefit if the networks want their cash cow to continue. 

Obviously, this has worked well for them for quite some time, but the tide is turning. There are upstart “real news” networks beginning to gain traction with the American Public, and not a moment too soon! Networks like “One America News” or “Newsmax” are beginning to gain some of the audience share, and their numbers are climbing. CNN and the big three networks are hemorrhaging viewers, and if they don’t make a course correction, their demise is in the foreseeable future. 

As someone who embraces the truth, it would make me indeed very happy to see some of these once proud networks fall by the wayside. Some of these secular media outlets have done much damage to the ideas of freedom and liberty in this country. It would be good for the country to see some of them go “belly up!”

As a person who sees the glass half full, I firmly believe that all of these once proud institutions have redeeming qualities. They have the ability to make this right, and to still right the ship. I believe that if they would come clean and only report the news with no spin, the advertisers they would gain would far outweigh those they might lose. There are plenty of advertising dollars out there that would be glad to find their way back to them should they make the necessary course corrections. 

As a person who pays attention, I predict that in the near future you will see some mergers and some outright sell-outs of some of these media outlets. Some of them are hanging on by a wing and a prayer and may be forced to sell just to stay afloat. As of this writing, CNN may be the most vulnerable. With their bloated salaries and sub-par personalities, it is only a matter of time before the hemorrhaging will result in major changes for them. Don’t be surprised to see them begin to make personnel changes or complete format changes in the very near future. 

Sadly, for some, they will refuse to use any common sense when it comes to doing what’s right in this case. That’s because common sense with them has taken flight many years ago. Some of them would rather go under than to admit that they have agendas to push. 

Although the damage has already been done by some of these biased “news” outlets, there is still hope for them! It will take admitting that they have been wrong in trying to persuade the American people to embrace socialistic ideals and to Anti-Semitism. It will take them admitting that they have become an enemy to the church, and to the constitutional republic called The United States. 

As a dreamer, I still believe we are the greatest nation on Earth, and that God still has His mighty hand on America! I will go to my grave with that hope, as I believe that not only are we a great nation, but that we can become an even greater nation if we will only use common sense. It’s really just that simple!