Of events great and sad


So many good things have been part of the past several days and one extremely sad one. Another friend from our happy growing up days has passed. He was the “little brother” of two of my best friends. It has been a tough year for them with lots of obstacles for them to overcome. My friends are strong. They will be alright.

I marveled at the way they cared for their mother during her five year illness. By planning together, they worked it out where one of them was with her at all times, and they have done the same for their brother. Later today, Lord willing, I will be with them when they do the last thing for him on this earth they can do. My friends are tired, they are sad, but they are strong. My heart aches as I pray for them.

Having shared those thoughts I must tell you of the happy events of the past several days. My friends would want me to do that. First of all, my birthday was celebrated in four separate festive occasions this year. Our daughters and grandchildren say it was to make up for last year when our world was frozen, the temperature was at zero, and obligations meant family members could not meet for a celebration. This year more than made it for it.

Daughter number one (Michelle) and I had supper together (her treat!) on my birthday. That same day I had lunch with a group of friends at 4th Street Grill where I was serenaded by the waitresses and served a free (delicious) dessert. The following day favorite cousins hosted a wonderful supper for me, complete with a very thoughtful gift. On Sunday, daughter number 2 (Dawn) did supper for me with the most beautiful birthday cake ever as the center piece. I am so blessed. The Grands (Anna and Kennedy) gave me a card with a personal note that read: “You are a GREAT GRANVALE – 72 and still kicking high!” God love them. I’m not kicking very high, but I am still kicking!

The gifts from all were most thoughtful. Michelle gave me a wonderful cookbook that I’m reading like a novel. It is a big one so it will take awhile. Dawn commissioned one of her former students to paint a portrait of Ruble and me. Oh, I love it! The painting of Ruble looks so much like him it takes my breath away. The artist is one talented young lady. I understand those who do Facebook have seen the portrait and I’m glad Dawn shared it. She also showed it to her students who thought she was the woman in the painting. I take that as a compliment and Dawn said so did she (bless her heart).

To top off the week Michelle and I went to Kennedy’s basketball game on Saturday. His team plays together so well. We are proud of all of them and it was exciting to watch Kennedy score 14 points in the game. We missed the game the week before when he scored 22 points. He loves basketball as much as his PaPaw loved football and his sister loves dancing.

To finish our visit, although it’s hardly worth mentioning, I will share that I missed my beauty shop appointment last week. If you saw me, you know that because it was with a “homemade hairdo” that I made all these aforementioned occasions. I don’t do homemade hairdos as well as I used to. That is a very minor ripple in the big pond of life. As Scarlett O’Hara said, “Tomorrow is another day.” And I have a beauty shop appointment. And it is supposed to snow. I’m most likely looking at another homemade hairdo week. So there you have it. From the sad, to the happy, to the hardly worth mentioning, it has been quite mixture of life this very blessed week.

LaVale Mills is Publisher Emeritus of The Red Bay News.