Please, whoever hit Ramzy Alharazy, do the right thing and turn yourself in



In Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart,” a man who has committed murder is driven past the point of insanity (he was already there to begin with) and confesses to police after he begins hearing the steady heartbeat of the dead man, a sound growing louder and louder. His conscience couldn’t take what he had done.

Someone around here right now has a tell-tale heart.

On Friday, April 27, about a quarter mile north of the Mile 34 marker on Hwy. 19 in Red Bay, someone struck Ramzy Ali Ahmed Alharazy, 40, around 10:15 p.m. Though he was already mortally wounded or possibly even killed upon impact, the driver who hit Alharazy fled the scene.

The scene where Ramzy Ali Ahmed Alharazy’s life ended on Hwy. 19 in Red Bay.

Look at the photo. Yes, it is brutal. Someone out there, possibly even reading this right now, did this to a fellow human being. The outline spray painted on the pavement reveals the final position of Ramzy’s body. The stains on the roadway speak to the incredible impact he had to have felt as he was hit.

Please, will whoever did this to Ramzy please come forward? Or, if you know any information on who did this, please alert the police. The number to call is 256-356-4455.

It is very possible this was just a horrible misfortune and you were on Ramzy before you realized it and there wasn’t anything you could do. It’s possible you were on your phone, not paying attention to the roadway and struck and killed a man in his prime. We don’t know, but his family deserves to know. Your family would want to know if that was your outline instead of his.

Think about this for a minute: Instead of investigators spray-painting the outline of Ramzy’s body lying in the roadway, what if that outline instead was of your mother, your father, your daughter or your son? How heartbroken would you be? Would you want closure, knowing that whoever did it did the right thing and, as difficult as it would be, confessed to the hit-and-run?

Picture your mother lying there. What would she want?

It is very likely a reward will soon be offered for information in this case. As any child learns it is better to confess than to be found out later. Yes, unfortunately there will be ramifications to this event. Leaving the scene made it bad. But continuing to run from it will only make it worse.


If not the police or your family or friends, your conscience will know what you’ve done. Don’t let this destroy you. Do the right thing. Give Ramzy’s family and friends the closure they need.

Thump-thump. Thump-thump.

Do the right thing for a fellow human being. Do what you would want done for yourself, your mother or another family member. And don’t delay. Delaying will only make life worse. Even worse, hiding this will mean you’ve gone from someone who may have just had a horrible accident to someone who is actively, every day, committing cold-blooded murder by keeping this secret.

Do the right thing.

Thump-thump. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. Thump-thump.

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