‘Celebrate Community’ focus of RBN Founders Fest edition



Section will feature the top entries from essay, art and photo contest; prizes will be awarded

There’ll be a lot of activity in The Red Bay News the next few weeks. First, the second annual edition of Baymont Magazine will be publishing in the next couple of weeks. Then, on September 13, it will be time for the annual Founders Day Festival Edition.

2017-08-24-Celebrate-CommunityThis year’s edition will focus on Celebrating Community, and as such is open to reader submissions and input for what community means to them and what makes Red Bay a special place in their hearts and minds.

Contests will be held in the paper in photography, original artwork and essay categories for those who submit entries for the edition. The contest is open to any member of the community – or even those who have moved away but still hold a special place in their heart for their hometown.

Three divisions will be open in each of the categories: adults (18 and over), high school students and elementary students.

Teachers are encouraged to have their students write short essays about what makes their hometown special, or draw pictures showing something they like about Red Bay, such as a park, a business or a person.

The best essays from each division will be published in the section, and the first-place winners will also earn $100 cash prizes for their teacher’s classroom.

“It’s a way we can let the community tell us what makes this a special place to them, and also reward creativity,” News Publisher Jason Collum said. “We want to encourage everyone to participate and make this a great special section.”

In the photography contest, entries are open to anyone, professional or amateur, to submit their photos from around Red Bay. The photos should depict the community, or something the makes this community unique. They can be of landscapes, buildings or people (if they are of people, make sure you have their permission to photograph and submit). Entrants should include a small paragraph or two along with their photo explaining the image and why the subject they have photographed is special to them and how it shows what community means to them.

Drawings or artwork also should be done along the same guidelines as the photography.

Photos and original artwork will be judged on creativity, concept and quality. Photos need to be high resolution, or large file sizes to guarantee a better look if they are published.

The first-place winners in the photography contest will win $50 gift certificates to area businesses.

The deadline for entries is Wednesday, Sept. 6.

For more information, call 256-356-2148 or email

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