Bay racer brings home world championship

Don Strickland’s record-holding Corvette. Courtesy photo

Don Strickland, Red Bay garageman, has brought another world-wide honor to this area with the setting of a new world record in racing with his modified production car.

Red Bay already had the world champion foxhound and racking horse. They now have another world champion in Strickland and his 1963 Corvette.

Last weekend at the Ohio Valley Speedway in Louisville, Ky., to roughly quote one of his fans: “Don took his Corvette to Louisville and showed them an old country boy from Alabama could build a car that could fly!”

Strickland’s Corvette, which is powered by a small block Chevrolet engine, ran the track in 6.62 seconds, or approximately 105 miles per hour. The previous record was 6.7 seconds for the course.

Don is to be congratulated on his new world demodified record, and his friends in this area wish him luck in the future.